26th June 2019


Preferred Priorities for Care, an update


 The use of PPC continues to increase, the PPC process is being utilised in a wide range of conditions including renal failure, COPD, heart failure, MND as well as for frail elderly.  Members of the National PPC Core Team are currently working on a revised version of the Accessible Version of PPC which will be beneficial to people lacking capacity and particularly those with a Learning Disability.

Following a recent Public Awareness Pilot conducted by, the PPC National Core Team, the Team have developed a PPC Guidance Leaflet and Poster for use to raise awareness of PPC.  The leaflet and poster are downloadable from the EOLC website at www.endoflifecareforadults.nhs.uk 
The PPC booklet PDF has also been very slightly changed to remove the review dates from the document.  The Review Date has been removed as a consequence of the findings from the research undertaken by the Iris Fineberg and Mary Turner at the International Observatory for End of Life Care at Lancaster University. The Research Team concluded that the current version (version 2, 2007) needed no amendments, therefore the PPC National Core Team have agreed to remove review dates  from the document.

For further information on PPC contact Les Storey, National Lead (Preferred Priorities for Care) National End of Life Care Programe.  Les is contactable on lesstorey@gmail.com


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