23rd August 2019


Benefits of Membership

Membership is open to nurses of all grades working across all clinical areas as well as those with a full or partial education remit.

IANPC is a free membership association. Our conference will be used to cover our annual expenditure.


Please join us and encourage your colleagues to join us too!


Please see our conference page for full details of our next conference.


Membership includes a twice yearly newsletter plus email alerts to conferences and publications.


We also have a closed Facebook page which can be used to discuss current palliative nursing issues.


The chair of IANPC  (Elaine Stevens) also has an association twitter account that is linked to many current palliative care providers, educators and researchers. Twitter account is @nursespalcare


Phone  07596 695626 OR 0141 849 4299
or send a request in the mail to:
Elaine Stevens, Chairperson,

International Association of Nurses in Palliative Care,

Garden House,

Milton of Campsie,

Glasgow, G66 8GQ.

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